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ROS Study Group- Beginner

Well then, in that case we can add a week-0 to look up for a course and we can work on that.
I chose this course because it was the first one mentioned in ROS Wiki page.

So everyone, kindly express your suggestion.

  • Hello Real World
  • Let’s find another course

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Thank you

I m interested to join in the group. Add me Plz

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Sure, kindly join the Riot group with the link in the above message.

Hi, I am also new to ros and would like to join the group if there is scheduled meet-ups or power hours to learn new topics and discuss.

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Hi All,

I am the developer advocate over at Open Robotics. It looks like you have critical mass. Keep me posted on your progress and feel free to use this discourse topic (we would prefer Q&A goes on Please check out the current courses on autonomous vehicles. I also want to point you to the DARPA SubT tutorials. I would love to see a friendly pick up game of students using the SubT virtual test bed (this would make a great capstone group project). There should be some new SubT content coming out over the next few weeks. We might have some new reading material coming out in a few months, so stay tuned.


I am interested. Let’s learn together.

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Bit of a repost here from another thread asking for learning resources:

Awesome to see all the new interest in learning ROS! My company (Freedom Robotics) is releasing a series of blogs discussing some (seemingly) basic things like sensor selection and odometry tuning which enables really accurate SLAM, Localization and serves as the foundation for more complex things like navigation, planning and autonomy.

We (Freedom Robotics) build Logging, Visualization, Teleoperation and Fleet Management tools that help robotics companies build, ship and scale robot businesses quickly. We’re biased of course - but believe our logging and teleoperation tools are really awesome for tuning and calibration work. You can try our product here (one line installation) for yourself on a simulated or real robot as you learn - and right now we’re running a promotion one robot free for a year.

Here is the first blog in our series on sensor selection which walks through a number of decisions on real robot hardware that we have seen come up time and time again. It also sets you up for our next two in the series which walk through calibration and SLAM.

We’re pretty excited about putting out a lot more of this kind of content and would love to know whether it resonates with you or helps you set things up for your situation.

Our team is made up of co-founders and CTO’s from previous companies building cleaning robots, delivery robots, cloud infrastructure, computer vision platforms, video games and more. We have been trying to capture the hard learned robotics lessons from these experiences and what we are hearing from robotics companies in industry. If you form a slack group - we’d love to join and help you learn, answer questions or even introduce you to startups looking to hire once your ready for that! Drop me a line.


Hii Ma’am,
Thank you so much for the support !
And it’s great that the entire course on Autonomous vehicles with ROS is available for free. Once we have a sound understanding on the basics of ROS, this course will help us to gear up to the next stage.
The DARPA Sub terrain tutorials look cool and intriguing, awaiting to try them out soon.
Surely we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

Thank you,

Hii Sir,
Thank you so much for the support!
I’ve just mailed you regarding the formation for slack group, looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Hi @Karishinamdar,
We will have meet-ups, the schedule for which has been posted in the previous message.
Kindly join the Riot group, where we shall have meet-ups.
Riot link:!

There is a Matrix/Riot group already that @Ajaykumaar_S has repeatedly linked if you could join that.

The second and third lessons are crash courses in ROS CLI and C++ API. If you are coming from ROS 1 it is probably sufficient to get you started. I was able to squeeze a little background in there which might be helpful.


Ohh, that’s great Ma’am.
Thank you :smiley:

Hey, count me in.

I have been learning ROS for the past few months. Apart from ROS Wiki, I have found ‘The Construct’ and ‘Robot Ignite Academy’ to be particularly helpful sources for beginners. Basically, they have all the relevant packages installed on a remote server and you can start developing with ROS in your browser, immediately after creating a free account.

Looking forward to learning together. :slight_smile:

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Please count me in!
I’m a beginner

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Exited about this. Count me in

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I’m already in ;). I hope that I can help!

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Link for today’s meeting:

Count me in. :slight_smile: I am using ROS since 2019. Would love to be a part of this study group.

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Hi, I m interested to join in the group!

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