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ROS Testing, Continuous Integration (CI), and Deployment

From time to time the ROS-Industrial Consortia hold focused meetings based on member interests and requests. We recently held such a meeting on testing, continuous integration, and deployment. The meeting brought experts from the ROS community to present on tools and best practices for developing and deploying production systems that are built on ROS. Specific presentations included:

  • Tully Foote (OSRF) - Continuous integration and Test on the ROS Build Farm
  • Isaac Saito (TORK) - ROS-Industrial CI
  • Phillip Reed (SwRI) - Autonomous Vehicle Testing and Deployment
  • Jeremy Adams (Intelligrated) - Lightning Talk - Using Mocks and Fakes in ROS
  • Florian Weißhardt (Fraunhofer IPA) - Lightning Talk - Automated Test Framework – Testing Applications in ROS

The purpose of the meeting was to inform ROS users about existing options and encourage further discussions (on ROS discourse)/


@shaun-edwards Can we download the presentation(s) in, e.g., PDF format, from somewhere? Thanks a lot for posting this by the way :slight_smile:

I concur! Great slide pack.

I’ll have to ask the presenters. Some may not have permission from their companies to share the slides themselves.

Great slides. :thumbsup: for shared slides.