ROS2 Navigation Training

Mastering ROS2 Navigation Training: Learn how to build a complete Nav2 application from A to Z

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With the arrival of Robot Operating System 2 (ROS 2), it is essential to learn how to make your robot autonomously navigate with Nav2. The ROS 2 Navigation Stack (Nav2) is a collection of packages that you can use to move your robot from point A to point B safely and can be applied in many real-world robotic applications, such as warehouses, restaurants, hospitals, hotel room service, and much more.

In this 3-day training, you will learn how to set up and configure the ROS2 Navigation Stack for any robot (SLAM + Path Planning + Obstacle Avoidance) and you will create an application that interacts with Nav2.


This course is a live online training, where we teach you in real-time, step-by-step. You will learn on an online IDE website, along with explanatory notebooks and robotic simulations, and practice a lot with simulated robots and with our remote real warehouse robots.


  • Guidance from experienced ROS developers
  • Learn how to use ROS2 with both Python & C++
  • Learn best practices for ROS2 development
  • Practice a lot with real robots
  • Certificate


You will be using the following real robot & simulated robots throughout the training:



See below a list of topics covered in this training. Lessons are practical, and you will practice on an online IDE website.

Session #1: SLAM (Mapping + Localization + Path Planning+ Obstacle Avoidance)
Session #2: Behaviors + Plugins + Lifecycle Manager
Session #3: Nav2 Application (create an application that interacts with Nav2)

Learning content

  • How to configure and launch a full navigation stack in ROS2
  • How to create a map of the environment using SLAM-Toolbox
  • How to provide the map to other applications using a map server
  • How to localize the robot using the AMCL particle filter
  • How to plan paths from one location to another using the planner for differential robots
  • How to make the robot follow a trajectory while avoiding obstacles using the controller
  • How to configure the costmaps (global and local) for effective obstacle avoidance
  • How to use Behavior Trees to control the navigation behavior of the robot
  • How to create behavior trees for the bt_navigator
  • How managed nodes work in deep
  • How to manage recovery behaviors
  • How to manage and synchronize the navigation nodes using the BT-Navigation-Manager
  • How to programmatically send requests and goals to the navigation system from external nodes using Python3

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The Construct, in cooperation with Robotnik

Special update:

Steve Macenski, the leader of the Nav2 Project, will be present at this Mastering ROS2 Navigation training to answer all your questions on #Nav2!

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  • SLAM with ROS2
  • Path Planning & Obstacle Avoidance
  • Behavior Trees for Nav2
  • Controllers for Path Planning
  • Action bridge ROS1-ROS2
    …Hands-on, real-time instruction and practice on a real robot.

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Final Call for Participation: Mastering ROS2 Navigation Training on June 8 – 10, 2022

3-DAY INTENSIVE LIVE TRAINING: Learn how to build a complete Nav2 application from A to Z

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  • Training Format : Online with Remote Robots
  • Registration fee : 2,999 EUR
  • Registration deadline : June 1, 2022
  • Spots available : 10 seats

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