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ROS2_OpenVINO_Toolkit 0.9.0 released

I am pleased to release ROS2 OpenVINO Toolkit V0.9.0 version

The main updates in this version:

  • Support the latest LTS version of Intel openVINO toolkit(version: 2020.3) (see more from Release Notes).
  • Support ROS2 Dashing and ROS2 Foxy.

You may get quickly started for ROS2 Foxy or get quickly started for ROS2 Dashing

ROS version’s updates is under progress, you may access Repo ROS_OpenVINO_Toolkit for detailed status.

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Hi Lewis,

Does OpenVINO 2020.3 LTS support Ubuntu 20.04?
If OpenVINO supports ROS 2 Foxy, it should also be compatible with Ubuntu 20.04.


Currently NO.
OpenVINO 2020.3 LTS doesn’t support Ubuntu 20.04. As a result, we support ROS2 Foxy in ROS2_OpenVINO_toolkit repo by compiling Foxy from source code onto Ubuntu 18.04.

OpenVINO 2021.x supports Ubuntu20.04, so we are still in progress of porting OpenVINO 2021.x versions to ROS2_OpenVINO_Toolkit repo.

Thanks for your attention.

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