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ROS World 2021 Maritime Robotics Birds of a Feather session

Open Robotics is excited to co-host a virtual, informal, maritime Birds of a Feather (BoF) session held in parallel to ROS World 2021 ( ROS World 2021 ).

In sequel to an underwater ROS workshop in 2018 at WHOI ( Underwater ROS Workshop @ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ) and the spontaneous ROS maritime community meetings in the past year, we would like to extend the invitation to a larger user group, in light of ROS World 2021 being virtual.

Traditionally, BoF sessions at ROSCon are informal hallway chats where developers and users pick a topic of discussion, i.e. a formal-sounding excuse, to gather during coffee breaks. We regret that coffee will not be served this year; however, you may choose to BYO beverage.

The maritime BoF session provides an opportunity for maritime robotics (both under and on the surface) users of ROS (2) / Gazebo / Ignition to informally discuss their work and needs, to find potential collaborators, and for developers to hear feedback on software and tools.

  • When: Tuesday, 19 Oct 2021, 1400-1600 UTC-5 (US Central Daylight Time)
  • What: Short, informal status updates on ROS (2) / Gazebo / Ignition projects pertinent to maritime robotics; discussion of collaborative community opportunities
  • Registration:
  • Where: ZoomGov - connection information sent via email to all who register.

The BoF is not officially part of ROS World and is free to attend.

We hope to see you there.


Mabel Zhang, Open Robotics
Brian Bingham, Naval Postgraduate School
Ben Raanan, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute


Anonymized serious questions we’ve already received, which are so good that I don’t have responses for:

I will only attend if they will let me drive a boat

will there be sea shanties

Other organizers may be better suited for answering these technical inquiries.


Applied to have a short session. Let’s see.

How do you register without giving a lightning talk. When I select, NO, for a talk the next page REQUIRES a Title and links?

Apologies for any confusion with the form. If you just put N/A for those fields we won’t list you as a speaker.

Was the session recorded? Is it going to be posted somewhere?

Yes, it was recorded. We plan to post the video as the dust settles from ROS World this week.

As a shantyman, sailor, mechatronic boatwright; I’m sad to have missed this and look forward to the recording.

Thank you everyone! It was well attended. Great to see what everyone is doing and contributing to open source (where applicable).

Video recording of the meeting:

Feel free to ask questions in reply.

If you are new to the Maritime Robotics category of ROS Discourse, this is a board for ROS/Gazebo maritime-related announcements and high-level discussions, e.g. your new software packages, community brainstorming, etc. New posts and discussions are welcome - select Maritime Robotics when you post new topics.

Oh so we could have had sea shanties after all. Bummers.