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ROS World Bird of a Feather Sessions and Quiz Master

ROS World Bird of Feather Sessions

Hi Everyone,

The ROS World Executive Comittee met today and we would like to have a few birds of a feather (BoF) discussions during and in between ROS World talks. We’re still figuring out the details but the BoF sessions will be some sort of virtual area where individuals with common interests can meet and chat. To create the BoF sessions I need two things from the community.

  • A set of 4-6 BoF topics (e.g. robot show-and-tell, navigation, user interfaces, etc).
  • One or two people who are willing to moderate and otherwise help organize each BoF session.

I propose that:

  • We propose sessions by having the potential moderator comment below with a session title and description (keep it pithy).
  • Community members vote of BoF sessions by smashing the :heart: button next to the BoF sessions they are interested in.

Sometime next week I’ll look through the comments and select the top four to six BoF sessions and e-mailing the moderator.

Quiz Bowl

We’re also considering having a quiz bowl during lunch and potentially during breaks. We don’t have a firm plan just yet but if one or two people are interested in volunteering to put together a quiz. The quiz bowl would probably use Kahoot and potentially some sort of virtual meeting room. If I find one or two motivated volunteers I can try to make this happen.

Other Options?

If you have a proposal for some way to add more interactivity to ROS World we’re all ears. Keep in mind that we’re a month a way from the event so we have to keep it simple. Feel free to comment with your ideas below.


I am bumping this. We have yet to get any BoF proposals.

A robot show-and-tell sounds awesome - I’d be happy to organize/moderate that (and show off a UBR-1 running ROS2).


+1 for the robot show and tell! I can talk about the Nasa JPL open source rover running ROS2. Maybe the topic should be ‘ROS2 show and tell’? :slightly_smiling_face:


Because I copped out of giving a talk on Nav2, I could host a BoF on Nav2 if there were some topics people would like to discuss!


Ooh, this is a wonderful idea!

We could host a BoF on sensors for robots: array selection and design, integration approaches, performance management.


I’d be happy to host a BoF on scaling up Human-in-the-Loop robotics!


We could host a BoF on the present and future of legged robots; specifically, how are organizations bridging the chasm between research and application? The last question might be of interest to ROS developers, recounting the practical challenges faced.

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