ROSCon 2023 Workshop: Navigation University

Navigation University

Class is in session! Announcing a brand-new education-focused workshop will walk through the process of configuring a robot to navigate its environment using the Navigation 2!

This workshop will take you step by step through

  • teleoperation
  • map building
  • localization
  • costmaps
  • global planning
  • local planning, and
  • high level coordination.

Each participant will get a unique simulated robot to configure using Gazebo Classic. For every component covered, there will be an introductory presentation covering the key variables and a guide of how to set up a ROS package to enable the robot to navigate successfully.

Registration is open now! See also

Please use this thread to ask any questions.


Any chance this workshop will be recorded for later access?


Nav2 please! There is no Navigation 2 :wink:


@smac now you know how I feel.

@jackp510, ROSCon workshops are not recorded.

@Katherine_Scott I was listening to Real-Time WG meeting the other day. They plan a workshop too, which is really interesting. But I cannot attend ROScon this year.
I asked if they are going to broadcast live or record, but they were not sure.

If it is possible, it would be great to at least do live feed of workshops so people who cannot attend in person could follow…

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I 2nd that, but I also understand that a full-day workshop is not the most suited format for a recording or a stream, and even if limited to e.g. the presentations and Q&A parts, providing recordings means extra work for those involved in the organisation.

So maybe we should think of other means to achieve the goal (i.e. dissiminate knowledge) that don’t put the burden on the organisation, but on the community.

I have following proposals:

  1. Given the workshop presentations and code will probably be in a github repository anyway: why not request the participants to evaluate the course material afterwards, and supply their notes, clarifications. insights etc. as pull requests to that repository? The aim should be that the repository becomes reference material containing all information and clarifications to learn the topic.

  2. Organize some sort of ‘First Aid’ group for each workshop, so all people with an interest in the workshop can help each other. E.g. by creating a specific stack exchange tag for each workshop, and actively encourage the workshop participants to subscribe to those so they get notified of questions.

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