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Safety, Hazards and Risks. How to standardize the analysis..?

Hello community, in the last two ROS-A meetings and at github we have been talking about safety and how to make it a part of all our actions and documents.
We have a draft of a specific document on issue, which although it is initially and partially taken conceptually from other initiatives, raises doubts because the factors that involve farming activity are different from those involved in other chapters of ROS. For example: the fields of the farms are always different and the meteorological variables modify the environment. Therefore, in general, it is impossible to cage the context where that robot is going to perform and this requires a constant re-evaluation in terms of safety, since the variables are not constant. From our talks we believe that a positive attitude towards this would possibly be ranking them in terms of their risks …

  1. What concepts should we take to prepare our security tables …?
  2. Should we think of an evaluation process for each situation …? For example, a withdrawal tree that allows you to reach a risk index …?
  3. What examples should we take …?

Thanks in advance, and any reading or comment that you want to recommend us, we appreciate it

I’m not working on agriculture, but in general, the basic safety things can be found in ISO standards. For agriculture, ISO TC23 SC 3 seems most relevant, see ISO - ISO/TC 23/SC 3 - Safety and comfort

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Thanks, I will read it.

Some time back we did a short research on applicable standards for safety of robots in agriculture. I think these are the ones we found.

  • ISO 18497: 2018 - Safety of highly automated agricultural machines
  • ISO 17575:2019 - Autonomous and semiautonomous machine system safety
  • ISO 25119:2010 - Safety-related parts of control systems tractors

The problem is that standardisation regards mainly big agricultural machinery (autonomous tractors etc. - standards are written by the big corps that want to add autonomy to their existing machinery) not smaller robots. They can only serve as a rough guideline for smaller robots.

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Yes, thanks I will read that…
Is there some case of application of some type of color scale explaining the risk that this activity implies …? Because possibly that is the way.

Thanks …