SOLVED -> Help debugging the MicroROS / Agent configuration, ESP32

Hi, I am trying to set up an ESP32 based bot running MicroROS connected to a my ROS host running on Docker. My base project has the device side subscribing to the /cmd_vel topic, where I am trying to publish messages from the tuttlesim telop_key executable on my ROS host and I am expecting to see the call back in my code being activated thru debug messaging on my device.

I see my device register with the agent on boot and I see the device spinning waiting for a message but I am not seeing the node in the node graph.
I was expecting to see a Node in the node graph representing my connected device thru the Agent.
When I issue commands via the teleop key executable, I am not seeing the call back being activated.

I am looking for insight on how to debug this ??

The project is located here GitHub - gentijo/MaqueenBattleBots
The code as it is should run on any ESP32, I haven’t added any specific code to control the device itself yet.

The files of importance on the device are;

Main code to init the ESP32 and MicroROS

Registers the subscription and prints debug on call back.

I am running unmodified Agent code.

Debug output from my Device

Output from the Agent

Thank you

Hacking around, I was able to get the Node to show up on the Node graph by setting my Domain ID = 0, for some reason it was 3, not sure if I set it or it was copied and pasted from somewhere.

Now the Node shows up on the Graph but it is not connected to the Teleop_Key node.
I also changed the namespace, it seemed to change things but not in a way that is helpful.

My device node is the one node named /turtle1, if I terminate the Agent and disconnect my device I get the 2nd graph.

Graph with Device connected and Agent running

Graph with Agent and Device removed

Sorry for all the spam to the list, finally got it working. Working code here GitHub - gentijo/MaqueenBattleBots at VelCmdWorking

Although the node graph +topics, looks odd to me.