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Some-one should work on plugin which export URDF from xacro/Solidworks. wouldn't that be nice?


There are many issues with SolidWorks to URDF plugin, and there is not support. Anybody has view on this!


I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking. What is SW? SolidWorks?


Solidworks to URDF and had many problems with meshes coordinates, and some other problems. The plugin is not being supported. So, there is need of plugin which can convert SolidWorks, Autocad, Xacro…etc to URDF. The complex robots are being developed, there should some easy way to do simulation on that.


Hello there,

I am the originator of the SW2URDF SolidWorks add-in. I understand that there are several issues with the add-in as it currently exists. If you have any specific issues that you’ve with it, I would be happy if you made bug reports or add comments to bug reports on the bitbucket page ( I also welcome pull requests.

I have been working on the add-in, and will have some important bug fixes to introduce soon.



Hi @elvenRobot we created some time ago a tutorial to convert complex models from Solidworks to URDF without having to use the plugin, but using instead Blender.
Have a look to the video here, it may help you