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Calling SolidWorks URDF Exporter Users! Reference request

Greetings all,

I’m looking for users of the SolidWorks to URDF exporter who would like to provide a reference request to SolidWorks to support my application as Solution Partner. The reference should take about 20-30 minutes. Please email me at if you are interested in helping out!

Active SolidWorks user, and active SolidWorks to URDF exporter user
Affiliated with a business (sorry, no student users)

The Solution Partner program provides me with access to SolidWorks products to help maintain and develop the exporter plugin. Everyone knows how expensive this software can get, and this program provides a license to me to test and evaluate any changes I make.

Thank you all for your community support of this FOSS software!


@brawner I am going to see if I can’t help you out here. The SolidWorks URDF exporter is a really important tool for the community. Do you have an idea of how many references you need?

Hi @brawner thanks for your initiative.
At PAL Robotics we daily use SolidWorks for mechanical design and we have recently started using the URDF exporter to easy up robot model creation and maintenance.
We have detected an issue that would be really important to solve: when “Override Mass Property” is used, model mass isn’t correctly exported. This is critical for getting a reliable dynamical model of the robot.
We are going to fill the reference request form to support your application.

Best regards!

Thank you Katherine and Luca! I only need two actually, and have received one so far. Someone else contacted me personally in response to this thread, so I think I’m covered.

Apparently I was supposed to apply for this partner level several years ago, but only was recently notified that I needed to get on the application or my current partner status would be revoked.

@lucamarchionni I agree that overridden mass properties would be very helpful, but I haven’t found a way to incorporate them through the SolidWorks API. I looked into the issue extensively about a year ago, but couldn’t find a way with the API they provide. I’ve started an issue for the add-in to track that discussion.