Stop losing time on system software with Nova Orin

Are you losing time :sob: on system software, instead of working on your solutions to robotics problems? Fixing bugs in drivers, tuning them, and doing time synchronization to get them to acquire data at the same time so you can do your actual robotics development on ROS?

We hear you, and we’ve got it done :mechanical_arm:.

Leopard Imaging, and Segway Robotics are providing Nova Orin Developer Kits, which provide a time efficient way to get started with a rich set of sensors.

Leopard Imaging Nova Orin Developer Kit
Segway Nova Orin Developer Kit

NVIDIA has created Nova Orin as a reference platform for sensing, AI and accelerated computing with rich surround perception for autonomous mobile robots (AMR), robot arms, quad-peds, and humanoids. Nova Orin is a subset of Nova Carter (Nova Carter AMR for ROS 2 w/ 800 megapixel/sec sensor processing). Nova Orin provides highly tested and tuned drivers for these global shutter cameras, all time synchronized for data acquisition to within <100us. Camera’s can be connected up to 15 meters from Jetson Orin, using GMSL, a high-speed industrial grade SERDES. Camera’s are RGGB to provide color; humans have evolved to see in color, which benefits AI, and levels up perception from the classic monochrome CV functions. Nova Orin uses a high write speed M.2 SSD to enable data recording from many sensors at high resolution and capture rates with image compression to capture data needed for AI training | test, and perception development.

These Nova Orin Developer Kits can be attached to your existing robot or placed on a desk to speed up your development by having the system SW and drivers in place. The kit includes a Jetson AGX Orin + 3x Hawk (stereo camera) + 3 Owl (fish-eye camera) + 2TB SSD + 10Gbe (connect to LIDAR / debug).

Isaac ROS 3.0 releasing in late April, will support these kits in ROS 2 Humble out of the box on Ubuntu 22.04.



This looks totally awesome, and I’d like to commend NVIDIA, Leopard Imaging and Segway for putting this product together. In my view, one of the real things that we’ve been missing in the ROS community to date is an off the shelf integrated vision system. But with this developer kit and the Isaac libraries like NITROS and Perceptor, it looks like we will have something like that very soon.

Which is a big deal IMHO.

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