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Robotics YouTube Channel

Hello guys!
I hope you’re doing well. In the past couple of years, I have learned a lot from the open source community and I have recently decided to contribute to it by launching my own YouTube channel to help anyone interested in Robotics like me. The channel is dedicated for Robotics and a big part of it discusses ROS2 and Gazebo Simulator since I am a big fan of OpenRobotics and this channel will allow me to contribute to this foundation. Despite the tough living circumstances in my country “Lebanon” in light of the recent events, I strive to remain positive and reach as many people as I can, and any kind of support from you guys would help me a lot.
Make sure to visit my channel on:
Robotogeddon YouTube Channel
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You will find many tutorial videos about Unbuntu-Linux and ROS2 and in the near future I will release more videos about Gazebo Simulator and Ignition and I hope you like my channel.

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