Upcoming RMW Feature Freeze for Humble on March 21th

On Monday, March 21st we’ll freeze the RMW in preparation for the upcoming Humble release on May 23rd.

Once this freeze goes into effect, we will no longer accept additional features to the RMW, which includes rmw_fastrtps, rmw_cyclonedds, rmw_connextdds; as well as their vendor packages, Fast-DDS, Fast-CDR, cyclonedds, and iceoryx. Bug fixes will still be accepted after the freeze date.

You can find more info on the Humble release timeline here: ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill (codename ‘humble’; May, 2022) — ROS 2 Documentation: Rolling documentation.


@michael-poehnl celebrating release of iceoryx v2.0 for Humble


@audrow @clalancette I guess ros2 ci is still broken due to python3.10 transition.

How about postponing the deadline until the ci becomes stable?

The Rpr jobs aren’t working at the moment, but we hope to get that solved soon. But the jobs on https://ci.ros2.org are working fine, so we are still running CI. I don’t think we should extend the deadline.

An update on the ROS 2 Humble transition to Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy):

tl;dr: CI has remained available for ROS 2 core changes (such as for the RMW work that’s been ongoing) and we’re taking steps to ensure that it stays available, so we’re going to keep with our current RMW freeze deadline, which is the end of the day, Monday, March 21st.

As you may know, ROS 2 core development depends on CI from https://ci.ros2.org before merging. These CI builds are currently using Python 3.9 in Ubuntu Jammy. In the short-term, until the RMW freeze on Monday, March 21, we are going to continue to run with these. Ubuntu Jammy itself has switched to Python 3.10, and we need some additional fixes to make that work. The current plan is to introduce those fixes and switch to Python 3.10 starting on Tuesday, March 22.

The Rpr jobs, which many of you have seen don’t currently work, will take some additional work beyond that. We’ll continue to work on those next week as well.


@clalancette @audrow I got it. Thank you for letting me know the detailed information.

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