UPF4ROS2: Unified Planning Framework for ROS 2

Dear ROS Community,

I want to introduce you to UPF4ROS2. This project has been carried out between the Robotics Group of León and the Intelligent Robotics Lab, directed by @fjrodl and myself. It is a project funded by the European Commission through the AIPlan4EU H2020 project (https://aiplan4eu-project.eu), in which the UPF (Unified Planning Framework) has been developed. UPF is a Python library that provides an alternative to PDDL (to which is also compatible) to represent planning problems, accessing state-of-the-art planners.

The UPF4ROS project brings UPF to ROS 2. While it is always possible to use it from within a ROS 2 node in Python, UPF4ROS2 provides a node capable of holding various problems and accessing it through a ROS interface. The following image shows a project use case in which a plugin for PlanSys2 has been developed that uses the UPF4ROS2 node to calculate the plans.

We have also integrated UPF4ROS2 with Merlin, which is a cognitive architecture developed at the University of León, together with YASMIN, my favorite software for FSMs (Finite State Machines) in ROS 2, both developed by @mgonzs13.

This summer, we will participate in the RoboCup 2023 in Bordeaux, and our robot will use UPF4ROS2 for the RoboCup@Home tests. Here you can see a video of the Inspection test.

More videos and news:

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