ROS2 Planning System

Dear ROS community,

I want to share with you my ROS2 Planning System project. I have just finished the first functional version, and I am in the documentation phase. If someone finds it interesting, you are encouraged to contribute.

This project is the result of my experience of several years with ROSPlan, which has inspired this project. It is a complete implementation in ROS2 that offers an alternative design with the functionality that we wanted during our developments.

Enjoy and #GoROS2 !!!


Hello, where is that project at, now?
Is that the only ROS2 alternative to ROSPlan?
Has the ROSPlan team worked towards ROS2 in any way since then?

PlanSys2 has good health, and is here:


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This is great, thank you for providing these packages.
Does it include some code to re-plan automatically when the problem changes?
Does it try to handle non-determinism in any way?