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Use ROS to talk to the VEX Cortex or V5 Brain!

Dear ROS community,

I would like to announce two new packages that connect ROS with VEX Robotics hardware. More specifically, these packages, as a part of rosserial, allow for the VEX Cortex and VEX V5 Brain to send and receive messages to a ROS graph running on Linux. The full post can be found at the link below!

The VEX microcontrollers are designed to be compatible with a selection of cost-effective, plug-and-play sensors and motors, provided by the VEX platform. I am especially excited about the VEX V5 hardware, which offers integrated motor-sensor modules, vision solutions, and even (eventually) LiDAR. Now, the VEX platform is at your disposal to control with ROS. To learn more about VEX V5, see the links below.

I hope these serial clients will be the perfect stepping-stone for learners, because using the VEX platform is a perfect low-cost way to be introduced to ROS. I also hope the packages will enable you to create projects with VEX-brand ‘intelligent simplicity’. With VEX’s end-to-end simple hardware platform, and ROS as the framework, a whole new niche of cheap projects and prototyping is made possible, which will enable more people to try, learn, and create robotic systems.

The packages rosserial_vex_cortex and rosserial_vex_v5 use Purdue Robotics Operating System (PROS) for the VEX kernel and CLI toolchain. The serial clients can be found linked in the post above, complete with instructions for installation, examples, and more. I hope this project helps you with your robotics projects!

Original Post on the Vex Forums:

For more information about VEX V5: