Vulcanexus and its practical merit

How many people actually use and find Vulcanexus beneficial, does it make your workflow better or worse?
Is the docker image, bloated or streamlined ?
Finally, can you mix and match your own software,RMWs and create your custom tooling on top of the existing docker image ?


Vulcanexus is simply ROS 2 with the newest FastDDS and auxiliary tools like MicroROS or DDS Router (that we use in many of our projects).

We also use Vulcanexus base Docker images next to a standard ROS Docker images. The Vulcanexus ones are a little bit bigger, but it’s no surprise if they contain the additional tools.

Bascially Vulcanexus/ROS 2 Docker images are very similar, so in most cases it’s enought to change in a Dockerfile:

FROM ros:iron-ros-core


FROM eprosima/vulcanexus:iron-core

You can even have the same Dockerfile for ROS 2 and Vulcanexus with the base image version set by ARGs. Then the same GitHub workflow can build them in the same time during the release. You can see how it may look here: GitHub - husarion/rosbot-xl-docker: Docker images for ROSbot XL