Vulcanexus Cloud Tutorials

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As you know we’ve recently launched Vulcanexus , the All-in-One ROS 2 tool set and, whilst we’re working hard on the documentation, we would like to share with you the tutorials that will help you get the most of Vulcanexus.

In this Topic, you’ll find the latest tutorials on Vulcanexus Cloud, to help you scale and integrate ROS 2 networks located in geographically spaced environments, and enable the deployment of ROS 2 entities in the cloud/edge.

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Check out our first tutorial below!

1. Edge-Cloud communication on WAN

This first tutorial covers the first steps to setup a distributed network of remotely controlled robots from the Cloud or an edge device. You will learn step-by-step how to create a basic edge-cloud architecture in which there is an edge robot deployed on LAN with access to the Internet, and a server in the Cloud.

Go to: 3.2. Edge-Cloud communication on WAN — Vulcanexus 1.0.0 documentation

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Keen on some more Vulcanexus Cloud tutorials?
This one is based on the previous tutorial and explains how to secure the edge-cloud TCP communication channel with the TLS protocol.

Check out: 3.3. Edge-Cloud TLS communication on WAN