Vulcanexus raises 10M € (and we will share 5M!)


Vulcanexus, The All-in-One ROS 2 tool set, has raised 10M in the new EU project “ARISE”, having the objective of empowering the European industry, especially the AI, data, and robotics ecosystem, with a robust, real-time enabled open-source middleware for industrial robotics applications.

The project, starting immediately and running for the next four years, will enhance Vulcanexus by adding more features and tools and testing them in four exigent industrial use cases:

  • Experimental Robotic Cell for Complex Picking and Dismantling Applications
  • Re-programmable Co-bots for Flexible Manufacturing
  • A healthcare application of the enhancement of HRI through multimodal interaction
  • Human-centric Zero-Defect Manufacturing

And yes, we will share half of this funding, selecting 25 European Startups and SMEs to deploy Vulcanexus in industrial use cases, creating a complete showcase of the Vulcanexus capabilities, and disseminating the results in many World-class events. Stay tuned!


Hello @Jaime_Martin_Losa, how can we become a candidate ?

Hi @vanmalleghema

We will publish the rules by the end of next year.


Hello @Jaime_Martin_Losa
can you post the Project Website (as soon as available) here?
Many thanks

Sure, we will post the link here.

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