ROS News for the Week of October 30th, 2023

ROS News for the Week of October 30th, 2023

I work closely with the executive teams for three or four open source non-profits, and let me tell you, things are really rough right now. Our friends at OpenCV are taking a new approach to fundraising, they are attempting to crowd fund the next release of OpenCV. If you use OpenCV please consider donating to their new IndieGoGo campaign and please help spread the word.

Mass Robotics has created a new start-up incubator for early-stage robotics companies. What’s different about this incubator is that they don’t take a chunk of equity from the company (most incubators want between 5-10% of a new startup’s equity).

@joshnewans has put together a great set of interviews from ROSCon 2023. There are a number of other summaries from @TheConstruct and Weekly Robotics. The videos from ROSCon 2023 should be up on the website early next week.

Remember that really cool open source hardware / software dexterous hand from CMU that I posted awhile back?Our friends at Robotis are now selling the hand directly. There is even a kit version with lower end servos that you can purchase for about $500.




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