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Ways to contribute to ros-industrial/staubli within Bachelor thesis

I’m a computer science student, who likes open source and robots. This is why I was offered a Bachelor Thesis in connection with a Project working with ROS-Industrial/staubli .

So far I have forked a ROS1 repository and constructed a Robot for it. (RC-car + Raspi). In my Internship I had the chance to work with ROS-Industrial, MoveIt and an industrial Robot.

I’m at the beginning of defining the Topic for my thesis. Now I wonder about ways to contribute GitHub - ros-industrial/staubli: ROS-Industrial Staubli support ( .

  • Are there specific features that would benefit the Project?
  • Is a migration of the drivers to ROS2 realistic?
  • Would more instructions, documentation, debug messages and general usability improvements be more help full?

Hi, thanks for reaching out.

I realise we keep asking people to post discussion topics on ROS Discourse (and to not ‘abuse’ issue trackers), but I believe in this case opening an issue on the tracker might actually be a good idea.

Could I ask you to do that?


Hi @Wifi-cable,

I am not from ROS-Industrial, but writing as maintainer of ros2_control.

If you were interesting to port the driver to ROS2, I would support you with the approach and potential development needed in ros2_control. There are many interesting new features compared to ros_control, and we strive to provide “full” robot-control support (e.g., control of input and outputs, parameters, emergency stops, etc.) We’re currently supporting a lot UR-robot driver development, and an additional robot would be great to have to prove and extend new concepts we introduced.

I’m still trying to get an overview over the Project I will start on, after I finish my Bachelors degree. Currently I’m working on finding a good topic for my senior year project/ Bachelors thesis.

Ideally something that allows me to learn more about ROS and ROS2 , and something that is of some value to the open source community.

I will be looking into ros2_control. Resources and starting points will be appreciated.

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We look forward to seeing how this progresses.

You can check ros2_control documentation and repository with demos for the start.

Also, we will have next week a practice-oriented presentation as Weekly Robotics Meetup

Furthermore, we will have few ros2_control presentation at ROS World, one rather theoretical/conceptual and one very practical about integration of robots into ROS2 using ros2_control and MoveIt.

And until you are waiting for all this to happen, you can check a hands-on presentation we had this June on ROS Dev Day.

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