Web-based URDF visualization tool and library opensourced from NASA JPL

You mean the javascript library loading the meshes? Not in any of the ROS packages, correct?

Yes, I’d say updating the documentation would be fine.

Especially in the way you suggest (“compatibility will depend on the application loading the urdf file”).

Well technically the “only” thing needed to edit the wiki would be to register for an account (and then request write access in ros-infrastructure/roswiki#258).

I write “technically”, as there is another aspect here, which is how compatible this is with “older versions of URDF”.

I don’t believe that’s a problem here though: Assimp has been used “since time immemorial” in ROS to load meshes, so I believe using formats other than the three listed now is supported on all supported ROS releases.

Related (since you mention gTLF and GLB): ros-industrial-consortium/tesseract#184.

Edit: also related (and very nice): it seems Ubuntu Focal comes with version 5.0.1 which supports .zae, which is compressed Collada (assimp/assimp#2545). That potentially saves up to 90% on mesh (and typically also ROS package) size.

Edit 2: hah, just noticed that we’ve discussed (almost) all of this 2 years ago: Support the PLY geometry format in URDF? - #4 by gavanderhoorn.

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