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Fusion 360 add-in to export URDF

Hi, ROS users!

I wrote a fusion 360 add-in to export URDF from Fusion 360 models.


For example, you can convert this cool robot arm( into urdf with just one command.


image (upload://hqn8wGJBlaawLC6nvu2KpmyJ8yv.png)

I’m happy if you try this add-in and give me feedback.


That’s a very nice work @syuntoku14, thanks for sharing.

I wrote a script to plot joint values written in a CSV file. It requires to model using the asssembly (I guess it is your case too).

My script can be found in this gist

It’s not fully general, but going to a general approach and connect F360 as subscriber node to plot joint values coming from ROS is feasible, IMHO, which I think it’d be beneficial to make the most of the F360 capabilities.

I’ll defintely try your code!


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