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When can ROS be expected to be supported by Android?

ROS is great open-source software but being just limited to Linux (Ubuntu mostly) OS will put its growth to stagnation. Are there any plans of developing ROS for android.

There is already rosjava


And there’s a number of app examples using (presumably) rosjava. The Matlab robotics system toolbox uses rosjava so I think you can expect it to be maintained and stay around for a while.


just jump in this thread since i got interests.

any plan for ROS2 android or java?

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@esteve presented at ROSCon18 about this topic: ROS2 for Android, iOS and Universal Windows Platform: a demonstration of ROS2’s portability, and cross-platform and cross-language capabilities (slides).


ROS2’s layered architecture and adherence to modern C and C++ standards has enabled the support for the three major PC operating systems from the start. This talk will show that this design is flexible enough to have ROS2 running on architectures other than x86 (e.g. ARM) and on non-traditional platforms, such as Android, iOS and the Universal Windows Platform, while reusing a common codebase to all client libraries. Additionally, we’ll see how to write a generator and a client library through three examples (Java, Objective-C and C#) and how to integrate them into the ROS2 build system.

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I’ve been working on updating the existing ROS 2 Java work done by @esteve.
The plan is to get rcljava working for Dashing and Eloquent.

Here’s the first of several PRs to come:

I’m not going to be focused on Android support, but I guess what’s already there shouldn’t need to much work once rcljava is updated :crossed_fingers:


@I_robot.1 could you describe a bit more of what you would like to see? I believe it is pretty easy to publish and subscribe to topics on an Android device. What would proper Android support look like to you? What you do with it?

I ask because we might be able to write a few how-tos around this down the line.