When will rqt_bag be synced on Humble?

Rqt_bag has a serious regression from ROS where image topics cant be displayed / crashes rqt_bag.
This has apparently been fixed in Running rqt_bag against PyQt 5.15.6 can still crash · Issue #111 · ros-visualization/rqt_bag · GitHub (July) But still not present via apt update.

Its very frustrating for image based workflows. Is there a expected sync?


@mjeronimo and @mabelzhang are listed as maintainers, but @audrow has made the past two releases. Who is in charge of making releases for ROS 2 rqt_bag?

The source release and release into Humble have been done. We just haven’t done a Humble sync since then.

I think there has been a sync since the last release.

I believe the fix you want @geoeo are rather the ones that got merged in ensure data types match what PyQt expects by ijnek · Pull Request #118 · ros-visualization/rqt_bag · GitHub . These changes haven’t been backported to the humble branch (but should be) yet. Thanks for notifying because I forgot to inform @ivanpauno who reviewed and merged my PR. @ivanpauno Would you be able to do a backport to the humble branch please?

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On that note: I also installed rolling via aptitude at the issue is still present there as well