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Yarp site 404 eror

Hello, Yarp is one of a project which has integration with ROS.
Recently site started to return error 404. Does anybody knows what happened?
Sorry that I ask it here but I do not know other place to ask for.

YARP should be fine. See robotology/yarp fi.

Perhaps @traversaro could say something about the site 404-ing?

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Also, If you want to ask more questions or search for some that can be similar to yours, the ROS Answers is the best place!

Hi @VSKTOR, the YARP documentation site is down and we are investigating the issue, sorry if this is creating problems to you. We are investigating the issue in and I hope to be able to provide a backup link.

I’m pretty sure I’d close a question about the YARP documentation site on ROS Answers as off-topic.

For YARP-related questions we have a dedicated Q&A system at, it is relatively simple but it fits our needs well. You can also try to post to StackOverflow under the YARP tag ( ), but I am afraid that the number of devs that regularly monitor StackOverflow is lower then the one that monitor the QA GitHub repo.

Thank you.
Sorry for inconvenience

Good to know :wink:, thanks!

Hello @VSKTOR, we are investigating the issue.
Meanwhile, you can reach a copy of YARP documentation here:

Thank you It really help

FYI, YARP website is finally back online.

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