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AgRob PP - path planner for agricultural robots - #ROSIN (AgrobIT)

I am announcing our open source released of AgRob_PP - Agricultural Robot Path Planning for agricultural robots. Source:

The AGROB PP contains three mains tools:

  1. AgRob Vineyards Detector - a satellite image segmenation tool;
  2. AgRob Topologic - a tool to consctruct a topological map;
  3. AgRob Path Plannig - A path planning framework for uneven terrains;

AgRobPP is public available using GPL V3 license.

We acknowledge the ROSIN ( for supporting AgRobPP.


Can you go into a little detail about how you represent uneven terrains and plan in them?

We consider as input two maps: occupation grid map and a elevation map (DEM). After we create several layers (for each robot yaw), where we create new occupied cells if the position and yaw are danger for the robot. After that we consider an A-star extended to search in this new 3D space (x,y,theta).

Iā€™m not affiliated at all with the authors, but just wanted to point out that there is additional information regarding @smacā€™s question in this video, specifically at the following time stamps:

  • 11:20 - AgroPP - A* path planning, occupation grid map, one layer per robot yaw
  • 22:08 - related question and more detailed answer during the Q&A

From what I understand, you need preexisting maps to be able to run this PP right? As the node subscribes to /map which is a 2D occupancy grid, but you also need to set the altitude_map parameter, which I imagine is the way the node accesses the DEM that has been previously created to plan its path in 3D? The occupancy grid map and elevation map can be created using your PC2GD algorithm right? Could this be done using a stereo camera and eg. RTAB-Map, the docs seem to only mention 2D/3D LiDAR? What kind of controller do you then use to execute the planned path?