ControllerGPT - An AI Controller

I’m very excited to talk about my new project, ControllerGPT.

It is an AI-based controller which, for now, controls one topic and completes the goals that you can type in as a prompt. It supports 2 message types (Twist, String) for now, but will be adding support for more!

Any advice or suggestions (not necessarily related to the project) is really appreciated. Looking forward to building more cool stuff with the community! :smile:


Update: I’ve shifted to LangChain for the AI Interface instead of calling the OpenAI API directly. It has resulted in faster execution (low latency).

Any other suggestions/advices are appreciated!
Thank you.

Update: I’ve now added support for services as well. Now, anyone can add interfaces of their choice following a defined format, and it will work just fine!
It can now control 2 topics, i.e, one publisher topic for messages and one service topic for services.

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