Creation of voice control for kuka iiwa

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I would like to make a voice recognition control to move a kuka iiwa. That is to say, to have some predefined words for each movement and that the system recognizes them, and move the robot. Each movement would be assigned to a word. I would like to know if there is a voice recognition already trained and ready to run that I can use to implement it. Insert the words I want it to recognise and exercise it.

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RIVA provides a pre-trained NLP (natural language processing) model to perform conversion to implement your voice to movement function.

This is a containerized service, that requires the recorded audio streamed to a cloud service running RIVA, providing the conversion which can be transmitted to the robot controller to perform a movement corresponding to the words. The Kuka Iiwa is likely stationary so you can avoid the connectivity problems a mobile robot would encounter to a cloud | edge service. You can run on a computer local to the robot with sufficient GPU compute. There is a quickstart for running this from the edge on a Jetson.

Check the catalog under NLP for additional solutions.

This is a very cool function for voice to action you want to make in robotics.

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picovoice_ros - ROS Wiki rhino speech to intent could work (ros1 only).

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile: