December 2023 Meetings Aerial Robotics

:snowman_with_snow: It’s snowing here in Europe! So time to announce the December meetings.

The next meeting will be on:
Meeting link
Also see the community calendar .

This time it will be a presentation about ‘Ardupilot and ROS’ by @RFRIEDM. See you then!

The recording of the meeting his here! Thanks a lot to @srmainwaring and @RFRIEDM for this interesting presentation about the current of ROS developments in the Ardupilot framework.

Here are the slides and files:
Meeting Dec 06 2023 - Transcript (185.7 KB)
Meeting Dec 06 2023 - Chat (28.4 KB)
Meeting Dec 06 2023 - Slides (439.4 KB)
Presentation - ArduPilot and ROS2 AWG slides (2.3 MB)

Here is also the google drive link to the ardupilot presentation: ArduPilot and ROS2 AWG - Google Slides

Next meeting will be on the 20th of December where we wrap up the year and brainstorm about next year in a festive fashion! :santa: :christmas_tree:

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Christmas is coming soon :christmas_tree: but before it does lets have a last meeting!

Meeting link
Also see the community calendar

It will be an open discussion meeting about how it went this year, and about the new year, of which topics we should focus on and which subcommittees we can form!

After the meeting I was also thinking of organizing an online social mixer in Mozilla hubs, which is a 3D spatial social chat that I got to know from the lockdown era. I’ll share instructions of how to join that next week. Bring a Christmas hat :santa:

Come and join us for our last meeting of the year!

If enough people are joining, we can go and mingle afterwards in mozilla hubs! Here is the link to that: Jumbo Worried Park | Hubs by Mozilla

Here is the recording of yesterday’s meeting!

And here are the slides with notes, transcripts and chat:
Meeting Dec 20 2023 - Slides (501.3 KB)
Meeting Dec 20 2023 - Transcript (173.1 KB)
Meeting Dec 20 2023 - Chat (35.7 KB)

We also had some polls:

  • What was your favorite developer meeting?
    Winner: 3D planning (also votes on Tutorials&Education, Aerial Autonomy stacks and Simulation)
  • What was your favorite guest presentation?:
    Winner: Ardupilot & ROS (also votes on Pixhawk)
  • Which topic should we have more meetings about?
    Shared top selected: Swarm communication &Management and Middleware & Drivers (also votes on Planning in 3D, Message standards)

The notes from the brainstorm session about topics to focus on for development are in the slides here above.

The next meeting is on the 3rd of January 2024. Here we will talk more serious about our development goal, but I’ll announce it next weekish with more details and info in a new thread.

Until then, happy holidays and see you next year! :christmas_tree: :santa: :sparkler:

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