November 2023 Meetings Aerial Robotics

Hope everyone had a ROScon and a great Halloween! :ghost: Time for more aerial-ros meetings now that we are in the month of November.

NEW TIME: we are one hour delayed!! it will be 2023-11-08T15:00:00Z2023-11-08T16:00:00Z)
Meeting link
Also see the community calendar

This time it will be a pressentation meeting about the Pixhawk (updated topic) given by our very own Ramon! (@mrpollo)

Be mindful that daylight savings are now in effect! This means for instance mid-europe at least, the meetings will be now at 3 pm. (Since I’m notoriously templexic, let’s see if I even show up on time :sweat_smile: )

Also on our discord chat (OSRF server #cwg-aerial) we saw that it is best to have already the next topic for the meeting on the 22nd, which is 3D planning. We don’t have a lot of topics left on the list and some people have been working on this topic quite a lot already so it would be nice to discuss the current state!

Also I’ve been experimenting with the github projects, and the roadmap is great to see which meetings have been already done and which are upcoming.

See you next week!


Topic update: It will be mostly a hardware based presentation Pixhawk. My bad!

And the time difference bug has hit us! @mrpollo will be 1 hour delayed!

So new time very last minute is (2023-11-08T15:00:00Z2023-11-08T16:00:00Z)

The recordings of Wednesday’s presentation by Ramon:

and here are the files:
Pixhawk presentation slides (2.0 MB)
meeting 8 nov 23 - slides (320.7 KB)
meeting 8 nov 23 - Transcript (173.8 KB)
meeting 8 nov 23 - chat (31.8 KB)

So we didn’t do a poll this time for next meetings topic as there are so few left for this year, so we are going for the most important one: 3D planning. Quite a few of us have started quite some PRs developments on that so it would be good to the details of how the process is going.

The next meeting will be Wednesday 22nd of November, 3 pm UTC this time (already changed in the community calendar). I’ll announce meeting details next week.

Next week we will have another aerial ros community working group meeting:

Meeting link
Also see the community calendar

It will be a developer/discussion meeting about 3D planning. There is actually several people actively working this namely @RFRIEDM @Jaeyoung-Lim @srmainwaring @botmayank . You can check out their progress here in github projects: 3D Planning · GitHub

Of those that I just mentioned, could you perhaps give a short summary of the status so far in a separate discourse thread with some additional discussion topics that you’d like to have for this meeting? Such that people know what to expect of this meeting and can add further comments or questions later in that thread.

There is a thread about 3D planning that I think is important for anyone to read before the meeting:

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Here is the recording of the developer meeting on 3d planning of 22 Nov 2023

Here are the files:
Aerial Robotics WG Meeting November 2023 - Meeting #2 - Slides.pdf (1.0 MB)
Meeting Nov 22 2023 transcript (174.8 KB)
Meeting Nov 22 2023 chat (32.2 KB)

Next meeting will be on the 6th of December and @RFRIEDM will give a presentation about Ardupilot and ROS ! I’ll announce it next week in a separate thread.

Update: FYI @botmayank came with a great idea to have suggestion for topics for the presentation topics, that someone who is experienced can give a presentation about. It’s in the community issue list: with the label suggestion and meetings. If you like to give one of these presentations or have ideas for more theory of topics, respond to these issues or make a new one with a topic