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EU Adopts FIWARE Platform and ROS 2/Fast DDS

The European commission has adopted the FIWARE Platform as a building block of the Connecting Europe Facility. A building block enables organizations (including public administrations) to share data in real-time.

Fast DDS and Micro XRCE-DDS are components of the FIWARE platform, and the official FIWARE interface to robotics, through ROS 2.

The FIWARE Platform is a major bet of the European commission, and this platform is being used in many European Projects for smart applications in multiple sectors, including Smart cities, Industrial Automation, IoT, and Robotics.

The European Commission supports ROS funding many ROS-Related projects, including Micro-ROS and DIH^2, the EU Digital Innovation Hub for Robotics, an initiative which brings ROS to the European SMEs.


… and ROSin, which will present many of the results achieved at the 8th ROS-Industrial Conference 2020 in two weeks.

(did we do such a bad job at marketing? :wink: )


Hi @gavanderhoorn,

Totally true, I was about to also comment about ROSIN. In particular, ROSIN funded partially the ROS 2/Fast DDS Shared Memory Transport and our ROS 2 Integration Service (SOSS).

And also it is worth to comment Micro-ROS will be presented at the next ROS-Industrial conference in two weeks!


It is worth comment also the bet of the DIH^2 project. Their motto is “we accelerate factories through robotics”, and they have a complete network of centers driving the adoption of their FIWARE based platform, including ROS 2, Fast DDS, Micro-ROS, The ROS 2 Integration Service, etc:

For the records, you can find here the recently updated and polished documentation on how to integrate your ROS2/micro-ROS application with the FIWARE Orion Context Broker via SOSS!

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