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First beta of ROS1 integration for Farming Simulator19

Hi all,

We’ve just made FS19_modROS available to the public. It’s all work-in-progress but if you are interested, feel free to take a look.

Have fun!


This is super impressive. Can we get euro truck simulator next? :smile_cat:

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Thanks. @tcchiang did almost all of the difficult parts.

Actually, that’s where we got the idea :slight_smile:

There is a ROS 2 plugin for ETS2 (and its American variant): brunodmt/ets_ros2. It “only” publishes telemetry in its current implementation though.

modROS is nowhere near as sophisticated, but that’s mostly because ETS2 supports regular C/C++ plugins, whereas Farming Simulator doesn’t.

We’d love to be able to use roscpp / rclcpp, but it’s all Lua with some Python hacks right now.

If anyone has any contacts at Giants Software we’d love to get in touch with them to improve the integration.


Desert Bus.

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Staying on-topic: we’re looking for help from the community in order to improve our integration.

Specifically, we’re looking for people interested in extending the sensor data we can get out of FarmSim.

Right now we have rudimentary LaserScanner data and a regular 2D RGB sensor_msgs/Image stream.

We’d like to add something like a depth camera.

For that we’d probably need to capture data from the rendering pipeline of FarmSim, which can be done, but is out of our comfort zone.

This would be Windows-based development in this case, for once not Linux :slight_smile:

If you’ve some experience with hooking DirectX rendering pipelines or similar techniques, post a comment here, send me a DM or post on the issue tracker.


We’ve uploaded another entertaining video: Laser scans in RViz from the train in FS19’s Ravenport:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


this is an accumulation of laser scans?, it looks amazing well done :), can you model the uncertainty of the localization?

Hi all,

We’ve just added support for per-vehicle sensors, and as a first upgrade we’ve made laserscanners also per-vehicle instead of just for the vehicle the player is sitting in.

We’ve posted a new video:


Could you please post questions like these on the issue tracker?

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