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First P2P network layer for robots and IoT with first class ROS support

Hi ROS community,

I am writing this post from iROS2018 conference in Madrid, Spain and…

I am very excited to announce that during this event we have officially launched Husarnet - first P2P network layer for robots and IoT with first class ROS support.

Ok, but what is it and why you should even bother checking it out?

Husarnet is a peer-to-peer VPN network dedicated for robots, autonomous vehicles and industry 4.0 applications. Husarnet allows devices to connect with each other without any central cloud in between - they communicate directly, through the shortest (in term of latency) path through the internet. Thanks to the direct connection latency is low and nobody has the access to the data exchanged between the devices. Husarnet creates a “global LAN network” where devices are identified by their IPv6 address, and see each other like they were in the same LAN network, regardless of their location. Our solution provides direct, private, fast, and extremely secure datalink between connected devices such as: robots, servers, laptops, cell phones, and even microcontrollers. If devices are in the same network, they don’t even need access to the Internet to see each other.

Think of it as a global LAN network for your robotic components.

If you have your ROS project working in LAN network, you don’t need to change anything in the software, to make it working through the internet - just install Husarnet client on your devices and setup your network in few seconds.

As it has just launched I would very much appreciate your feedback. You can log in and set-up a free account at .

All the best!