ROS 2 Router for Remote Robotics and Topic Filtering

Hi everyone!

We’re introducing the new husarnet/ros2router Docker image, which allows you to easily bridge ROS 2 nodes running across different robots, servers, or laptops in various networks. It features built-in topic filtering, enabling you to decide in real-time which ROS 2 interface should be exposed to remote hosts.

There’s no need to change your DDS settings. Simply run our Docker image alongside your existing ROS 2 application, regardless of whether it’s running on a host or inside Docker containers.

Our Docker image is based on the newest release of eProsima DDSRouter and it automatically integrates with the Husarnet VPN client via its HTTP API.

For more details and tutorial on how to integrate husarnet/ros2router with your robots, computers, or multi-tenant cloud applications, check out the article: ROS 2 Router for Remote Robotics and Topic Filtering | Husarnet



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