Hardware acceleration in ROS 2 and Gazebo survey

Back when we announced first the intent of creating a Hardware Acceleration Working Group, based on the community input received, we defined a number of WG goals and an initial roadmap. The 4th objective was defined as follows:

  • Survey the community interests on acceleration for ROS 2 and Gazebo. (2022)

This survey is organized by the ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration Working Group (HAWG) to fullfil that objective.

Please fill in the Hardware acceleration in ROS 2 and Gazebo survey, takes just a few minutes.

The goal of this survey is to capture the community interests on hardware acceleration for ROS 2 and Gazebo/Ignition to drive the future development of the community in terms of hardware acceleration efforts. Input will be collected for a few weeks. A summary of the results will be shared back with the ROS 2 and Gazebo communities after the data is digested around early 2022.

No personal information is requested nor should be provided as part of this survey.

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Thanks everyone who filled the survey so far!

I just wanted to bump this discussion again and kindly request for further participation. It just takes a minute to fill the survey and your input is going to help us drive the Hardware Acceleration WG.
Please tell us what you want (or don’t complain later :wink: ).

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