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I'm making a pet robot using ros2 + gazebo

Hello Everyone,
I’m a robotics engineer (currently working at Wandercraft, a French startup making a medical exoskeleton).
I’ve decided to build a robot as a side project, the goal is to make some kind of companion/pet like robot that can follow me in the street and be cute and funny!

I’ve never used ROS professionally so I’m using this project as a playground to learn it!
The project is progressing slowly but surely, I’m spending a lot of time documenting it, making youtube videos about my progress and explaining some stuff too!
You can find the playlist here (videos are in French, because I find there is a lack of content about robotics in French).

The source code is available here: It’s still early in the project but I’ve already got a dummy urdf and a functional simulation in gazebo with several ros2 nodes for low level PID position control of the joints.

Hope you like it :slight_smile: