Inquiry about ros support for onrobot FT HEX-E QC SENSOR

Hello ROS Community,

I’m currently working on integrating a Hex-E QC force-torque sensor into my ROS-based robotic system. While researching, I came across the ros2_net_ft_driver GitHub repository (GitHub - gbartyzel/ros2_net_ft_driver: Driver for Net F/T sensors with RDT communication interface), where it mentions testing with the OnRobot HEX-E V2.

My specific question is whether the driver mentioned in the repository is expected to work seamlessly with the OnRobot Hex-E QC version. I’ve reviewed the documentation, but I want to confirm with the community if anyone has experience using this driver with the Hex-E QC model.

If anyone has successfully integrated the Hex-E QC force-torque sensor with ROS or has insights into its compatibility, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. Additionally, if there are alternative drivers or packages that are recommended for the Hex-E QC, I’d love to hear about them.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.


I’m the author of this package. If the OnRobot didn’t change anything in the backend, this package would work out of the box. In the past, I tested this with OptoForce (the company that invented those F/T sensors), OnRobot HEX-E V1 and V2. I assume they are just improving the GUI etc. while the RTD server remains unchanged.

Btw, the launch file in Humble stopped working, I’m going to fix this in the following days :wink:

Thanks for replay but does it support the ft hex-e qc sensor ?

I can assume that it works with the HEX-E QC. But the best way to verify this is by running the package :wink: