ROS2 Control Hardware Interface for Robotiq Force Torque Sensor

Hi ROS Community,

I updated for my work a ros2 control composable hardware interface plugin for the robotiq ft 300 sensor.
In order to use it for manual guidance ( i don’t know if i can share that node too) and to test the new chained admittance controller.

It can be found in my github : GitHub - panagelak/robotiq_ft_sensor_driver

Additional features include “fake_mode” in order to test the integration without access to physical hardware and the ability to add force data in the measurements from a subscriber.

Please note that most of the code is from the ros1 repo : GitHub - ros-industrial/robotiq: Robotiq packages (
so i tried to keep all the licenses and original maintainers since it is a physical driver and can cause harm, use with caution : )

let me know what you think

Panagiotis Angelakis