Installation of Nav2,Realsense D435i, microros for ROS2 Humble

Scripts for Humble
Mickaël Pinchedez ( ) has written script files to install Navigation2, Realsense D435i, Microros in Ros2 Humble. In each directory start with prefix 0 then in ascending order for installation. prefix X to uninstall.

You can find this work with :

Many thanks to him

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It’s great to see contributions of documentation how to do things. However this appears to be mostly copy and pasted content from the official installation instructions for many of the projects. It can be convenient to collect the instructions like this. However I have to recommend that best practices are for people to follow the official instructions on publicly hosted platforms. The aggregated notes in a google doc can easily get out of date. This is particularly hard as there’s little transparency when and why changes happen.

In general I’d encourage people to submit improvements to the official docs too to make improvements visible to the whole community as well as get reviewed. For example I see there’s uninstall instructions that could potentially be useful in the public docs.

A quick selection of the installation instructions:

Nav2… Nav2! Navigation2 no more!


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