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Joystick_drivers package

Are there active maintainers for the joystick_drivers package?

I had been in contact with the listed maintainer in January about upstreaming some updates for Wiimote, but haven’t been able to reconnect.

I’ve contributed a few Pull Requests that I was hoping to have merged:

If help is needed with this package, I’d be open to being added as a maintainer.


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What the process to be added as a maintainer for the project?

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Talk to the administrators of the github organisation. Looking at the repo your best bet would be Mike Ferguson.

@mdhorn we don’t have much of a formal process. But with the maintainers being unresponsive for that long. If you’re interested in maintaining the repo I’ll give you access.

/cc @jbohren (the listed maintainer)

So one of the challenges with maintaining the joystick_drivers package is that to do it right, you need to make sure all the drivers actually work on all the release platforms. I think the joystick_drivers packages should be split up into separate repos and maintained independently. This would make it easier for all of the different drivers to stay up to date.

I originally took over maintainership of it because the previous maintainer no longer had any time to maintain it. For a while now that’s also been the case with me.

Unfortunately, as @tfoote mentioned, there still isn’t a formal process for this, but maybe we can start putting one together.

That sounds like a reasonable proposal to me.

@joq @mdhorn I’ve had a couple interns here at Honeybee start testing out and refactoring the joystick drivers (@Jprod123 and @alabady). As it stands it seems like the wireless joysticks aren’t working well on Xenial / Kinetic, so they’re going to do some OS coverage testing to figure out what’s broken.

Once the issues are ironed out, we can figure out how to organize the releases. See here for the refactored joystick drivers packages: HBR driver forks.

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