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K3lso Quadruped

K3lso Quadruped is similar to MIT mini cheetah and MIT Cheetah

More updates to come.


A big milestone for me! I started this project about 7 months ago and today is the first time #k3lso stands on his own 4 feets!
This project has included many late nights and literally all my own free time (and will continue to do so) :slight_smile:
The consumption is 1A @36v for stand.

More to come later on!

the specs:
Acuator peak torque: 54Nm
Robot target weight: 18kg (at the moment 16.9kg without cover, battery included)
Onboard computer: UP Xtreme i7C1-8565U running Ubuntu 18.04
Modifed kernel: 5.4.65 with PREEMPT_RT patch and full control for GPIO header.
CAN: PCAN-M.2 4 Channels
Loop frequency / motor : 1KHz
Battery: 10S3P 9000mAh (1.5KG)
Body structure: 7075 aluminium
Legs: Milled Carbon Fiber
Knee transmission: Chain with mechanical advantage of 1.4.
Voltage: 10S

If you like to see more progress on my build you can follow me on Twitter: R_frojd



:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I made a gif just to get people excited.

I gotta say watching this project progress on Twitter is the highlight of my day. Keep up the great work.

Gonna be honest, that clip of rviz and linux running on a switch has me thinking of buying a gaming console more than I’ve ever considered before. Although, I wish the joycons analog sticks used a different potentiometer tech. Do you have a particular link or reference you used to partition/boot a ubuntu kernel on the switch? Or am I seeing something akin to VNC?

Could that be minimized, say by changing the resting posture? E.g. straightening the legs vertically, like any mammal herbivore would when locking it’s knees to sleep upright.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

ubuntu on swtich:
L4T Ubuntu - A fully featured linux on your switch | - The Independent Video Game Community

minimized consumption:
Maybe. this was just a quick test to get some data. Even tho I am quite happy with 1A. :slight_smile:

Very cool robot! I look forward to following future progress.

Quick question for the uninitiated - what’s the end goal of this project? Commercialization? Open source? Research? Or is it a one off hobby project?

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Thanks! Its mostly for fun/hobby. But I guess it will be open source in the end. :wink: