Latest Isaac Sim release now available, People Sim and Conveyor Belt support added as well as many new robots

The 2022.2 release of NVIDIA Isaac Sim is now available for download. The latest version is focused on improving performance and functionality for manufacturing and logistics robotics use cases. Adding people and complex conveyor systems to the simulation environments is now supported. More assets and popular robots are pre-integrated to reduce the time until simulation.

For ROS developers, there is added support for ROS2 Humble and Windows. For robotics researchers, there are a host of new capabilities aimed at advancing reinforcement learning, collaborative robot programming and robot learning.

This release has improved synthetic data generation (Replicator), improved reinforcement learning support (Gym), new tutorials, and many new built-in robots.

A complete list of the Isaac Sim 2022.2 release notes is located here.

New People Simulation in Isaac Sim:

Figure 1. People Simulation in Isaac Sim 2022.2

New Conveyor Belt Utility:

Figure 2. Conveyor Belt Utility in Isaac Sim 2022.2

Newly Added Robots:

  • Mobile Bases
    • Clearpath Robotics’ Dingo and Jackal
  • Manipulators
    • Kawasaki rs007l, rs007n, rs0013n, rs025n, and rs80n
    • Universal Robots UR3, UR3e, UR5, UR5e, UR10 (slightly updating an older UR10 asset), UR10e, UR16e
    • Flexiv RIZON 4
    • Festo Cobot

Get Started:

Download Isaac Sim Today.

Read the documentation here.

Check out the latest Isaac Sim work from our partners.

And stay tuned, we are already working on our next release and exciting new features.


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