Announcing new MoveIt2 Isaac SIM tutorial

I’m very happy to announce a new Humble MoveIt2 Tutorial that shows how to simulate a robot in Isaac Sim.

NVIDIA’s Isaac Sim is a powerful platform for simulating robotic systems, and the MoveIt2 framework is the de-facto standard for motion planning and execution in robotics. In this tutorial, we will show you how to combine these two tools to create sophisticated and realistic simulations of robotic systems. We have written a new driver that simplifies the integration of Isaac Sim and MoveIt2, allowing you to easily incorporate motion planning and execution into your simulations. One of the exciting features of the new driver includes support for any robot (thanks to ros2_control!) and also works with mimic joint for parallel grippers:
With this tutorial and driver, you can take your robotics simulations to the next level!

I would like to thank @JafarAbdi, @scastro and @tylerweaver for all their help getting this released!


That’s really helpful, Is it okay to share with us the UR example in the gif?

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Unfortunately the system level URDF and USD files are not open source but all of their sub-components are. I’m working on a new tutorial to include any robot in Isaac but it’s going to take me some time to complete.

The high level version includes making the USD file from a URDF by following this tutorial and then including the same omnigraph that I have in the moveit2_tutorial.


I have created a repository that allows you to control the UR3e robot using MoveIt2 and simulate it in Isaac Sim. For anyone interested, check it out and make the most of it!