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Hadabot: Setting up an ESP32 to communicate with ROS2

Hi All,

Hope everyone is staying safe!

I just posted my latest progress of setting up an ESP32 microcontroller to communicate with the Hadabot Docker stack running ROS2 / ROS 2.

For those unfamiliar with my Hadabot effort - Hadabot is a robot kit to learn ROS 2 and robotics. My goal is to make a robit kit that is economical, easy to build, easy to set up, and emphasizes a web-browser interface to ensure a consistent user experience.

The new Hadabot kit is currently in development. I am posting my progress regularly through the Hadabot blog.

Check out the latest post, and sign up from our blog to stay in touch for updates!

As usual, love to hear feedback, suggestions, encouragements (discouragements).

Thanks and happy building!
Jack “the Hadabot Maker”


Jack, this is great work. Am I correct in my understanding that there is a wifi bridge node between the ESP32 and the ROS 2 container (as opposed to running some sort of DDS implementation on the ESP32).

In either case this is really exciting as I have about 100 ESP32s sitting around the house.

Hi Kat, that’s right! Specifically I’m leveraging the ros2-web-bridge server from Robot Web Tools.

I decided against a DDS approach on the ESP32 since all the DDS solution I found requires you to known the IP address of the uController. If we have to know an IP address of some intermediary entity, then might as well be the ros2-web-bridge which can also interface all sorts of powerful web-based tools for ROS2.

More details in the post - you can skip to the “what’s going on” sections. Should be a simple read to get 80% of the gist of what’s going on where people can piece together the rest.

Let me know if you have other questions and/or suggestions!