[Nav2] Issues with Humble Binaries due to Fast-DDS RMW Regression

Hi all, your friendly neighborhood navigator here,

I need to make an announcement that the current Nav2 Humble binaries are not safe to use currently due to a regression in Fast-DDS’ RMW layer. We make use of callback groups extensively in Nav2 to control the flow of data and there is an issue more generally described below in the new default DDS vendor’s implementation.

Subscriber which is created with dedicated callback group at runtime not working · Issue #613 · ros2/rmw_fastrtps · GitHub

You may get around this issue by either using the temporary patch fix ObstacleLayer not working due to #2489 by gezp · Pull Request #3018 · ros-planning/navigation2 · GitHub or switching to Cyclone DDS.

We are tracking this issue in the ticket below within Nav2. Essentially data is not getting to sensor layer callbacks and potentially other issues that we have not specifically identified.

Sorry about the inconvenience. We’re hoping that there is a solution proposed and merged ASAP for the next Humble sync so that Nav2 (and potentially also Moveit2?) have the issue resolved.

Happy not-crashing-into-stuff-please,



It’s potentially worth noting that since Humble / 22.04 Rolling moved to Fast-DDS, we have seen an uptick in issues relating to communication failures.

If switching DDS providers, it solves them. I’d like to work with eProsima to get these resolved so that we can support Nav2 users in Fast-DDS as well, but there are some hiccups to be worked through.