Neobotix is looking for maintainers for RLDP5 Igus arm

Hey Folks,

About a year ago, we at Neobotix were working on a project for a mobile manipulator. For the manipulator part we had the Igus arm RLDP5. Unfortunately, the ROS stack that came with the arm didn’t have the necessary ROS control pipeline for MoveIt. So as part of this undisclosed project, our team decided to go ahead and add the missing software components.

Currently, the driver package includes a linear axis. On the other hand, the MoveIt package is coupled with our elegant differential mobile platform MP-400 All these software components need to be separated and should be made modular.

If any of you in the community have any of the variants of Igus arms and are willing to maintain the package moving forward, please do DM me or respond to this Github issue. The idea is to make this a community driven package.

We will not be actively involved in any of the development, but will be happy to advise you on how to move forward. We’d also be happy to help you migrate this package to ROS 2 (but no promises).

On behalf of Neobotix,
Best regards,