Preparing for Humble sync and patch release 2022-11-21

We’re planning for a Humble sync and patch release on 2022-11-21T06:00:00Z. There are currently 192 packages to sync and no new regressions.

If you find a regression when testing, please report it upstream and leave a comment here so we can track it leading up to the sync and patch release.

Starting end of day 2022-11-10T06:00:00Z, we’ll hold all rosdistro PRs for Humble unless they fix reported regressions. On Monday 2022-11-21T06:00:00Z we’ll announce the release.


It would be nice if the reverted update of the ur_robot_driver could be re-reverted, as discussed in 2.2.4 in Humble fails to build · Issue #522 · UniversalRobots/Universal_Robots_ROS2_Driver · GitHub.

Thats great!

@SamerKhshiboun FYI

I merged in the new release. Thanks for the quick work in fixing this.

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There are many regressions on RHEL. I’m going to delay making the patch release until these issues are cleared up. Hopefully, this will be fixed in the next day or so.

Since socat got made available on RHEL the build of ur_robot_driver could be fixed. As far as I understand, this would require a re-release, since the build configs are generated during the release process?

Normally, yes. In this particular case, I can retroactively perform the missing Bloom step because:

  1. The release repo is under ros2-gbp so I can push to it
  2. The missing generator (RHEL) didn’t run at all because of the unsatisfied rosdep key, as opposed to partially or incorrectly running.

The build should resolve itself shortly with no additional interaction.

Hi @audrow and @cottsay ,

I’ve got a question about the upcoming sync.

Currently the realsense2-camera package for arm64 is in the testing apt but not in the main apt (the x64 managed to sync but not the arm64),
it depends on librealsense2 package that had issues for arm64 but now fixed and is also at the testing apt waiting to be synced
Will the arm64 package of the realsense-camera be synced as well?
It’s not in the SYNC list and I can’t see it’s buildfarm build result but probably it will fail until it dependency will be synced.

I want to make sure it will be public so I can use some help…

In these posts, we generally link to the Ubuntu amd64 status page only. The RHEL and Ubuntu arm64 status pages are separate but accessible if you know where to look: ROS packages for Humble - 2022-11-23 13:58:04 -0800

Looks like both librealsense2 and realsense2_camera have good builds and will be part of this sync on arm64.

Here’s the arm64 job for realsense2_camera:

Patch is out! New packages and patch release for Humble Hawksbill 2022-11-23

All looks OK,
Thanks for the info.

Hi @audrow, could you please update Index of /humble/ to have the latest sync? We use it internally to control our dependencies update. Thanks!

I’ll ask how to do that. I bet that it scrapes the info from somewhere.

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Thanks for the ping. These are updated by the ROS Infrastructure team (primarily me) and if I happen to be out or busy on the day of the release it can take a prompt like this for me to catch them up. The snapshot is being taken now, due to the CDN caching it could take 12-24 hours for the snapshot to be live but it will appear.

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