Robot Description Tools and Formats @ ROSCon 2017

Hi everyone,

I was thinking of submitting a proposal to ROSCon 2017 for a presentation on the state of Phobos, the robot model editing tool based on Blender I’ve been developing on and off over the last years, also talking about our thoughts on the future of SMURF and other ideas and requirements for formats we’ve come up with in various projects at the DFKI here in Germany.

I’ve also been following the discussion on the future of robot description formats in both ROS 1 and 2 here and in the various other linked channels, again, on and off, and I feel most people have been doing the same, with the last “wave of interest” rising and subsiding last fall. So as far as I can see, it is still an unsolved topic, and thus I was thinking of incorporating it in my proposed talk, trying to to provide a summary of the relevant points raised in discussion so far and compiling a list of the mentioned requirements and possible ways to go forward.

My hope is obviously that this would bring this topic back on people’s minds, we could maybe get together for a birds-of-a-feather-meeting afterwards and thus possibly finally start a community effort to really go forward with this.

So my question: Would you like to see such a talk and would you be interested in organizing a birds-of-a-feather or even more ‘formal’ meeting on the topic at ROSCon 2017? And if so, which specific points would you like to see raised?



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Sounds like an interesting talk and I’m pretty sure there will be a bunch of people interested in joining the discussion.